How to Stop Living as if Life is an Emergency

stop living as if life is an emergency

I’m learning to stop living as if life is an emergency.

I’m not sure that I ever consciously decided to make this change.

It’s just a thing that happened and I’m loving it.

  • I’m noticing that I am happier.
  • I am slower to get angry.
  • It’s a little easier to go with the flow.
  • I feel less stressed.

My blood pressure is amazing (seriously, I got it checked yesterday. It’s really good).

I’m sure there are many more benefits to not living life as an emergency.

I look forward to discovering them.

5 Steps to Stop Living as if Life is an Emergency

1. Understand why you are like this 

Chances are, you are a type A personality. You were probably also raised by a type A personality.

Growing up, everything was chaotic and rushed. It was the norm.

Now that you’re a stressed out adult, I think you should give yourself a break.

It is not (entirely) your fault that you are like this.

It is, however, within your power to grow, change, and become a better you.

2. Observe the Pros

As a type A person, you naturally attract type B people.

Don’t ask me why – it’s just a cruel joke life likes to play.

Instead of being irritated by these hakuna matata types, observe.

Observe how they live with ease. Observe how they actually chew their food. Observe that they sleep when they’re tired.

To be honest, you’ll probably never reach that level of zen.

But, observe nonetheless.

I’ve learned a lot by doing this.

3. Develop a mantra 

My mantra is “there is no reason to hurry. There is no rush. This is not an emergency”.

I say this every time I I feel rushed and stressed.

This is probably my favorite trick to stop living as if life is an emergency.

4. Make lists. Lots of lists

Look, you have a lot on your plate.

Make a list to get it all out on paper.

The mere act of transferring the stress from your head over onto a sheet of paper is a huge step in the right direction.

You’ll feel better. I promise.

5. Stay away from crazy people

Crazy people are always in crisis mode.

There is always a problem that must be solved NOW.

You must always respond to their needs NOW.

Anything that concerns them is highest priority and must be addressed NOW.

Yeah. You know the ones.

Create clear boundaries. Or simply stay away from them.

Your turn

What’s your personality type? Type A or Type B?

How do you keep your calm?

What additional tips do you have to stop living as if life is an emergency?