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story story book: how i found ways to make a difference and do work i love
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story book make a difference do work you love


These unconventional stories from globetrotter Kola are fun and inspiring.

Chris Guillebeau,

Chris guillebeau New York Times bestselling author

One day, I had an idea.

What if my entire life was centered on making a difference and doing work I love?

So, rather than engage in occasional or random acts of kindness, my life was a life of service. And rather than drudge through eight hours of work every day, I could earn my living from work that I actually enjoyed.

This single idea sent me on a journey that has spanned 5 years, 12 countries, 86 YouTube videos, and countless boxes of Chinese food.

STORY STORY is a funny, lighthearted, yet provocative book about finding passion, taking risks, having faith, and all the unexpected lessons learned along the way.

STORY STORY is not a “how-to” guide.

It is an example, a companion, a friend even, for any young adult that has ever dreamed of making a difference in the world or doing work that is personally exciting and meaningful.

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I read this book all in one sitting–it is definitely worth reading if you want some encouragement on your quest to become the person you want to be.
– K.A

This book had me laughing out loud in surprise nearly every chapter and it’s because the author doesn’t say ‘laugh here’ but because she tells her story so honestly, with such a clear understanding of self, that it becomes something more. That’s good writing.

– Matt Ellis

As soon as I looked at the cover, I knew I was not only going to thoroughly enjoy the read, I was going to directly connect with the author. Instantly personable and intensely fun, Story Story by Kola Olasebikan is an instant hit in my personal library!
– Raceni Richards

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make a difference and help other people
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story story book make a difference
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Her spiritual modesty, beautiful in its own right, cannot hide the depth of her passion to help orphaned children. And it does so in a way that can inspire any young adult, or older person for that matter.
– Dr Narendra Jaggi

Without question, this book has enriched my life by giving me new ways to comprehend the unpredictable nature of life. There are several important life lessons that will accompany me for the remainder of my life’s journey after having read Story Story. I have a much clearer vision as to what to expect as I embark on achieving my life’s goals.
– Ayo Ositelu

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