❼ Someone is Sleeping in My Bed & Other Life Happenings You Really Shouldn’t Care About

The other day I was walking around talking to myself and got caught RED HANDED. There was no way to hide it or start singing or in any way pretend.

Ugh! Story of my life. Haha. Laugh at my pain and enjoy this new post! xo

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Funny Story about Talking to Myself

So the other day, I was walking around in my office and talking to myself.

Do you guys do this?

I talk to myself all the time but I always do a good job of making sure that there’s nobody around to hear what I’m saying.

On this particular day, I thought I had done my due diligence. I thought I had looked around and nobody was there but I was wrong!

There was some dude sleeping in the back. Who comes to work to sleep at 7 o’clock in the morning?

The worst part is, the things I was saying were SO embarrassing.

Yeah, story of my life.

This is the kind of stuff that happens to me.

And Since I Haven’t Learned my Lesson…

This post is going to be me talking to myself about the things that are going right and the things that are going wrong in my life.

If you’re nosy like me and you like these types of posts where people just talk about their lives then keep reading.

Good #1: Blogging School!

I cannot believe how many people have signed up for Blogging School. It’s amazing! 136 people have signed up.
Live to Make a Difference
I have this feeling that this is just the beginning. I have this feeling that I’m gonna look back on that number next year and be like “Phssshh!” I can’t believe I was excited about 136! Who knew 500 people were going to sign up for this?

Bad #1: DRAMA!

On the minus side, there is drama in my family.

I think that’s all I need to say. And I’m sure a lot of you can relate to that.

When is there ever a family that doesn’t have drama? It’s like family-drama. It just kinda goes together like bread and beans. I don’t even know if that goes together. But you get what I mean. There is drama in the family.

Good #2: Meeting YOU

I had the opportunity to speak at the Redeemed Christian Church of God right here in Indianapolis.

I was just too excited that I had the opportunity to talk to really, really cool, young people that are really passionate about making a difference and living with purpose.

The best part was meeting people that read my blog and watch my videos! Who would’ve thought?

You know who you are. I was too excited to have met you! Hopefully I’ll get to meet even more people that watch my videos in person one day. I loved it! It was fun. It was hilarious.

Bad #2: F Bombs. Oh MY

I don’t know where I got this from but I’m having a real issue right now with cursing.

I don’t know if you guys know Weylie. I think her username online is ilikeweylie. I love her to death. I’ve been watching her for years.

I even introduced my older brother to her YouTube channel though I don’t think he watches. Anyway, I’ve noticed recently that Weylie has been dropping some F-bombs.

And let me not even lie, it makes me feel better about myself.

Because I’ve been like, “What is going on with me???”

I think it has something to do with age. The older you get, the more life throws stuff at you and you’re like, the only thing I can do is just say, f#?!

Good #3: Chow Down Indian Style!

Live to Make a Difference

I had the opportunity to go out and eat Indian food with my friends.

You might be like, “What?” Why is that so exciting? I don’t know what to tell you, I love Indian food: buttered chicken, chicken tikka masala, basmati rice… Oh my God! Naan! Love that stuff! I could eat that stuff all day long!

Bad #3: Weight Loss Y’all!!

I want to lose 3 pounds.

Now, for those of you who know me in person and you’re looking at my neck bones going, “Kola, why do you need to lose any amount of weight? You should be trying to put on weight.”

Just stop reading this post because this post is not for you.

This post is for me and I’m telling myself, I’m telling you, Kola, “You need to lose 3 pounds”. Lose 3 pounds so you can eat more Naan.

This is a preventative measure here. I need to lose these 3 pounds so I can eat all the Indian food that I like. Lol

Good #4: YAY for GIVING MORE

Beta motivation. You, me, us, this whole thing we’ve got going on here was able to give more money to orphan care projects in July.

More money was given last month than has ever been given as a result of my blog so that was too exciting for me. I was like,

“bow, chika wowow, chika wawah”

Good #5: Someone is Sleeping in My Bed

There’s a man sleeping in my bed now.

It kind of sucks for him though because every night I literally poke him and I’m like… “Are you a person?”

There’s a person. There’s a person in my bed! Are you… Are you for real? Are you like a real human being?

Yeah, it’s kind of creepy.

I did that to him last night and he just turned around and he was like, “You cannot be serious right now.” I almost died of laughter.

Bad #4: No Book Yet Oh!

On the negative side, I still haven’t published my book. When was it? Was it last year that I said,

“Oh, I wanna publish a book.”

I still haven’t done it yet. So, that’s clearly a negative. One day. One day, this book will be published. You will see it will happen.

One day!


And finally, the last thing I wanna say is that my birthday is coming and I love… I love my birthday!

I have always loved my birthday.

I have always thought I have the perfect birthday.

And I’m gonna party and party and have fun. ‘Coz what is life if you don’t have fun?

Look back on the good stuff

So that’s it, Kola. I hope you’ll watch this video (or read this transcript) one day and say,

“You know what, life is not that bad after all.”

There is the good stuff and there is the bad stuff.

You just need to celebrate the good stuff and not allow the bad stuff to outweigh the good stuff.

For all the creepy people that read this till the end, I just want you to know that I love you. Make sure you subscribe and make sure you share this post and I’ll see you soon. Bye!! xo, Kola


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