❼ The Reason We Don’t Succeed

Sometimes, we incorrectly assume that we must start big or strong or awesome.

This is not reality.

There are some people that start big and strong and awesome; but those people are the exception not the rule.

The rest of us, start from very humble places.

a little is all you need sometimes
Sadly, we look at the humble things we have and we despise them.

We do nothing with them because they are small.

This is a terrible mistake.

This is the equivalent of a farmer refusing to sow his seed because it doesn’t look like a mango tree.

Whatever we have, we must use; because it is only when we use the little that we have that we are able to receive more.

Streams exist only because they flow into oceans.

Any stream that fails to pass the water inside of it into another water body eventually dies.

In the same way, whenever we refuse to pass along the little that we have into others, we eventually die.

We don’t die in a literal sense – we die in a more subtle sense.

We die in the sense that we assume that the reason we didn’t succeed is that we didn’t have more.

In reality, the reason we don’t succeed is that we have failed to put the little we were given to good use.

8 thoughts on “❼ The Reason We Don’t Succeed

  1. This reminds me of Poju’s (Covenant Christian Centre) message 3 weeks back. He taught us to bless what we have in our hands and start with it. Until we can grow the little we have, we don’t really deserve the bigger cut.

    1. I really like that phrase “bless what we have”. Thank you so much for stopping by Abraham!

    1. You’re so welcome, Foghor! Thank YOU for being so amazing! Hope all is going well with your girls mentorship group

  2. I love this SO much…Absolutely true! We talk about how if we don’t give away what’s been given to us, that the message dies inside and can poison us. I love the stream to river metaphor…LOVE. Thanks Kola!

    1. You’re welcome Lisa! and Thank YOU!! ^_^ You are such a source of joy to me – you have no idea

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