❼ Are You Writing the Types of Blog Posts People Like Best?

This post tells you the three most liked types of blog posts on the internet. Word to the wise: incorporate them into your blog ASAP. Hope you enjoy!

Note: this is part three of a four part series on how to make your blog more interesting.

The Types of Blog Posts People Like

When people love your blog posts, it makes them happy. And when your readers are happy, it’s much easier for you, my dear, to reach your goals.

That’s why I’m going to share with you, the 3 types of blog posts that people like best on the interwebs.

#1 Type of Post People Like: The list post

It’s essentially a post where you give readers a list that provides information or solves a problem. This post you’re reading is a great example of a list post.

The reason list posts work so well is that we’re all busy and we have a million things to do. We don’t want to read an essay. We want something we can skim easily. So if you want your blog to be interesting, try to include as many list posts as you can.