❼ Uhm. Did You Know Some People Don’t Use Lotion? (Vlog 6)

I think you’ll enjoy these videos if you have a mischievous side and like a good laugh every now and then. Have fun watching :)

5 thoughts on “❼ Uhm. Did You Know Some People Don’t Use Lotion? (Vlog 6)

  1. Lol. Bubu, it seems the world needs even more lotion. #Wow #TeamMoisture #DoroCream #Hahaha

  2. Kola how do you do your lotion? Which ingredients (I think I saw shea butter?) do you use? I ask because your skin is so flawless!! I have tried it all to make this skin of mine feel happy, but no results! Cocoa butter in all its forms and shapes but nothing, lately I have been using Neutrogena, good for the body but not for the face though :/

    1. *singing* i woke up like this. I woke up like this LOL sorry i don’t know how to act. Thank you for the compliment!! haha

      Yup, you saw correctly :) For my body, I do a 50-50 mix of melted Shea butter courtesy of my mama and Malibu hemp body lotion (this one: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Malibu-Tan-For-Dry-Skin-Hemp-Body-Lotion-18-fl-oz/10322237)

      For my face, I use Simple’s facewash and their moisturizer. Both are from Walmart as well (not about that ‘spensive la mer life yet haha). I also have this weird thing where if i wash my face at night, then I won’t wash it the following morning. I’ll just wipe it with witch hazel and rinse with warm water

      I tried cocoa butter as well in the past and it broke me out like a menace. Turns out it’s highly comedogenic. Who knew? :-\

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