❼ Valentine’s Day Advice for Pretty Young Girls

Vals day advice + strong strong Naija accent = truck loads of fun. Enjoy and pass it on!

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A lot of younger girls have been reading this blog. Well, not reading. More like watching the videos on this blog. So I decided to do a special valentine’s day video…in my Nigerian accent.

In my opinion, every young girl needs to hear 3 things before the clock strikes 12:00 on February 14.


If you’re a girl, you’re like a deer. If you’re a boy, you’re like a lion. Deer don’t chase lions. Don’t be getting all desperate and chasing after lions just because it’s February 14th.


Personally, I say don’t feed the lion. But If you must feed the lion, at least make the lion work for his food. Don’t be handing out the easy card in the name of Valentine’s day. You’re beautiful (at least, most of you are). You deserve better than that.


I’ve heard Valentine’s day described as singleness awareness day. And to that, I say Bah! Humbug! Utter nonsense. Even if you’re alone this holiday, it doesn’t mean a thing. Your value is not determined by one random day on the calendar. Just look at all the inspiring beautiful women all around you. Let them inspire you.

There is some random dancing at the end of the video but unfortunately, I’m not sure how to translate that into text : ) Additional thoughts? Comments? Leave them below![/toggle]