❼ 8 Original Photos from our Wedding and Engagement

I cried when it was my turn to say my vows. I hate crying.

I cried because my vows included the line,

“I always prayed that God would stay out of my decision of whom to marry but, today, I’m glad he didn’t listen to me. You are better than anybody that I could have found on my own.”

As the tears began to escape from my eyes, all I could think was “shit. I knew I should have practiced”.

I’ve included several pretty pictures of us below (and none of the crying ones). Hope you enjoy! xo

Make a DifferenceThat’s us

Make a DifferenceWe like swings

Make a DifferenceWe do goofy things

Make a Difference We LOVE our fancy Nigerian clothes

Make a DifferenceWe really do

Make a DifferenceWe got married on a beautiful Saturday in May. Not too warm, not too cold

Make a DifferenceWe kissed

Make a DifferenceAnd so the journey continues

Thank you for all the well wishes and for your patience while I was away.

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