What Does Trump’s Victory Really Mean for You as a Nigerian?

implication of us election for nigerians

Many Nigerians did not sleep last night because of the US presidential elections.

  • Can Hilary Clinton do it?
  • Would Donald Trump win?
  • Will TB Joshua die?

As of 5am this morning, we have answers.

Hilary Clinton lost.
Donald Trump won.
TB Joshua is in trouble on Nigerian Twitter.

These are the facts.

But what are the implications for you, personally, as a Nigerian?

First, let’s talk about time.

As a Nigerian, the effects of this election will not reach you immediately.

For one thing, the new President won’t take office until January next year.

Also, there is a lot of bureaucracy to consider.

So, in the short term, you’re safe.

You may be looking at certain co-workers with suspicion.

But, other than that, things will be the same.

You’re safe.

Now, let’s talk about the long term implications.

Here are Donald Trump’s views on the issues that affect us the most:


“I will forever end the use of the H-1B…American workers first for every visa and immigration program”

Police & Safety

“I have to say that the police are absolutely mistreated and misunderstood”

Foreign Policy

focus on “destroying radical Islamic terrorist groups”


“force companies to give entry-level jobs to the existing domestic pool instead of flying in cheaper workers from overseas”


“25 countries are better than us at education. And some of them are like third world countries. But we’re becoming a third world country.”

To be fair, many of these statements were directed at Chinese, Iraqi, and Mexicans – not directly at Nigerians.

However, they concern us all because the world is small.

They concern us because:

1. Emotion trumps common sense.

As the next generation of Nigerians rise, we better learn that this is reality.

As we can all see, many of the most important decisions that build (or break) nations are made based on emotion – not logic or common sense. – click to tweet

2. We are leaders.

No, Nigeria is not exactly winning right now.

But that doesn’t change the fact that, in our corner of this planet, we are leaders. Our opinions matter.

3. The uncertainty is real.

Who really knows what Donald Trump will do (or say) next?

Who really understands the far reaching economic, political, and human rights implications of this choice?

It’s all murky waters right now.

But here’s the thing…

America is the kind of place where anything can happen – literally.

Anything can still happen.

As a good friend of mine always says: easy. easy. no stress.

Let’s wait and see how the future unfolds.

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  1. I like the phrase, “We are all leaders”. Whether as a husband and father, as a mother, as a friend, we have influence and that makes us leaders in some way.

    Hope your message goes some way into calming people and forces us to take a deeper look at ourselves

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