✖ Failure is So Real…

For the very first time yesterday, I sat in my office chair, stopped everything I was doing and asked myself: “what if i fail?” I sat still for a moment…Slightly amused by the irony that I’ve never really given it much thought. What if i fail? What if my shiny dreams fade? What if the nay sayers are right?

Fair questions.

As i chewed on a handful of unsalted cashews and listened to Maxwell cooing at me on Pandora, i realized that I don’t really care. I’ve failed many times before–so nothing new there. I’ve cried more times than i care to admit but guess what? I survived and the tears made my eyes glisten even more.

I can live with failure but I can’t live with myself if i never try. Can you live with yourself if you never try?

Quite frankly, the real question we should be mulling over is “what if i succeed?” If Oprah calls you right now, are you ready to pick up the phone and sound intelligent? Let’s talk. I’m on Facebook