❼ What to Blog About? Good Question!

One of the biggest stumbling blocks people come across when they’re first looking to start their blog is what to blog about. That makes sense, because this is an important question! After all, good, topical information can make or break the popularity of your website.

The Two Rules of Blogging

Really, though, there’s only two rules you have to remember. The first is that your blog should be interesting to others.

Here’s a tip. It’s not what you say, It’s how you say it!

The second is that your blog should be interesting to you. Both these rules, in tandem, guarantee that your blog posts will go off without a hitch. That said, the second part is really more important than the first.

Make Blogging Easy on Yourself

It’s much more difficult to write posts about something for which you feel no passion. Pick something that lights a fire in your heart. Don’t settle for something uninteresting, because that disinterest will show through to your readers. Instead, pick something that excites you.

So How Exactly Do You Find Blogging Ideas?

  1. Check the news to find out what’s ‘in’
  2. Pay attention to what’s going on around you. Inspiration is everywhere
  3. Scan social media to see what you’re followers are talking about
  4. Ask customers or even your friends what they’d like to read about
  5. Use Google Trends
  6. Use the Google Keyword tool to write SEO-friendly tips
  7. Write a post centered around a quote from a news article

These are little things that you can do to ensure that your blog posts are relevant to your readers. If you’re already writing about something you care about, getting your readers to care as well will be easy.

That’s really all there is to it, and these tips work for just about any blog. For example, if you’re writing about your small business, perhaps you could write about a tool you use or a recent innovation that you think is relevant. What you pick specifically doesn’t really matter as much as long as you’re interested in the topic.

So keep your chin up, and remember, blogging is the best way to get referrals for your business once you get into it. So get out there and start blogging!