❼ Why Do Christians Need Treasure in Heaven?

This video is for you if you sometimes have tough questions about faith, God, and life and you want a more substantial conversation than the traditional “correct” answer. Enjoy! xo

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Why Do Christians Need Treasure in Heaven?

I have recently found myself wishing that churches would have Q&A time at the end.

However, that’s not about to happen anytime soon so we’ll just talk here.

The question I have today is: why do Christians need to store up treasure in heaven?

Why Am I Asking, You Ask?

I was recently on one of my favorite websites, www.relevantmagazine.com when I saw an interview with Francis Chan.

Francis Chan is the author of Crazy Love. If you haven’t read that book, read it.

side note: if you have read Crazy Love, make sure you like this post so I know who else is out there reading the same books I’m reading :)

Anyway, in the interview, Francis Chan said that he doesn’t try to have fun in life.

What he tries to do is sacrifice things in this life so that he can have treasure in heaven.

Francis Chan is not the first person I have heard say this.

A lot of people say that they are storing up treasure in heaven.

I’m just going to pause for a second and question this because I truly don’t understand it.

Why does anyone need treasure in heaven?

I thought heaven is where God is and where Jesus has been preparing for us for thousands of years. I think if I were the housekeeper in heaven, I would be cool with that.

What do I need treasure for when I have God and and the freaking streets are made of gold?

Mansions in Heaven

I’ve heard Nigerian pastors in particular tell people to do this and that so that they can have mansions in heaven.

I find that really interesting because I’m also cool with being homeless in heaven.

I just want to get into heaven!

Here’s the other thing.

Earth is where all the bad stuff is happening.

This is where men are beating up their wives. Earth is where people are shooting up kids in school. Earth is where people are raping each other in the streets.

Earth is where all the crazy stuff is happening.

This is where I would think I need the comfort, not heaven. This is where I would think I need the treasure, not heaven.

But What Does the Bible Say about Treasure in Heaven?

I know the bible says to store up treasure for yourself in heaven.

So are people just obeying what the bible says? Or do Christians actually have a reason for doing this? I would really like to know.

I’m not saying anyone should disobey what the bible says.

I’m just saying that if there is a logical reason why Christians should lay up treasure in heaven, I would really like to hear it.

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Two people that I would really love to hear their perspectives on this issue are Jeff Bethke and Dephne Madyara.

If you follow them online, please share this post with them and ask them to make video responses so we can all have a healthy conversation about this.

Let’s talk about this.

  1. Do you feel like you need to store up treasure for yourself in heaven?
  2. If you are actively storing up treasure for yourself in heaven, what does that really mean to you? Why are you doing that?


2 thoughts on “❼ Why Do Christians Need Treasure in Heaven?

  1. Ahem…tough questions. I like when Christians ask questions about the things they believe – or don’t. Well, I don’t have all (any of) the answers but I learned that as Christians we are meant to dream big when it comes to our eternity.

    Moreover, our getaway after the rapture is Heaven but God made the earth for man to possess, initially and eventually. The ultimate redemption. So, in doing this, we may need our treasures while we possess kingdoms and all that making heaven is like a bank? where we are sure our big goodies don’t get stolen or eaten up.

    That, or because we want our heart to be in the right place so we keep our treasures where we want our heart to be so we can moon over them instead of the perishable treasures down here.

    I’m not really sure how all this is supposed to work but I mean it HAS to be one of those! ;)

    1. haha thanks so much for sharing this Oyindamola! Right now, my thoughts are with your second point. Seems to make the most sense to me

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