Why I Want to be a Nice (Kind) Person

My number 1 concern every time I drop my son at school is the same.

Will they treat him fairly? Will they be nice to him? 

I pride myself on raising a very capable and independent human.

Yet, I constantly worry about people being being nice to him when I’m not there.

This my irrational obsession is not completely useless however.

It has given me insight into why I need to be nicer to people.

I think I need to be nice to people because God cares about people.

Every knucklehead walking this planet is – alas – God’s child. 

God’s creation.

Whether I like it or not, God cares about all his knuckleheads.

In the same way that I care about how my son is treated,  God also cares about how his knuckleheads are being treated.

It is for this reason that I now see reason to always be kind.

It feels like a weird kind of karma.

When I am kind to people, it helps me to believe that people can be kind.

And if I believe that people can be kind, then I can believe that my son is being treated kindly.

None of this makes sense in a strict logical sense but it all adds up in its own weird little way